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Background Information:

Historical Background showing development from icskills.com -> reactive360 -> quick360

With 15 years experience specialising in Organisational Development and Change, icskills.com was asked to develop a Custom 360 degree process to support a culture change programme.

Following on from the initial success, the process was adopted by several other clients including Sainsbury's Supermarkets in 2006 where we became the preferred supplier and delivered in excess of 8 thousand feedback reports in 7 months !

Reactive360 launched in 2007 was designed using the principles and learning gathered from the success of icskills.

Our mission: To provide bespoke capability in a simple framework, direct to the user, without the cost.

Since 2007 we have worked closely with our clients and to date (2018) we have created over 60 thousand feedback reports. The Reactive system now has over 8000 user accounts.

As we were primarily a business consultancy one of our clients sarcastically suggested that we should have a 'mission' statement - "Whatever" - although initially for fun, the mission statement has become our philosophy and is often quoted back to us when we are asked to make a system development. "Using the 'whatever' mission statement, is it possible that you could develop a ......."

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