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Build Your own 360 Feedback Templates.

Welcome to reactive 360 - Templates

The ability to 'Brand' the process and provide people completing the questionnaires with a 'look-and-feel' similar to their company intranet is critical to success .

The Template based process allows you to ‘Brand’  the 360 feedback process to your organisation or that of your clients.

We will help you through the initial set up and show you how to create a Custom Template to meet your needs.

All users have Free access to enable you to:

  1. Use company images and select different ‘colour schemes’.
  2. Create company specific or role specific 360 feedback questionnaires - from edited samples - or from a blank template.
  3. Edit the text of the e-mail inviting contributions.
  4. Allow local teams to control local processes by giving them access to your ‘Templates’.
  5. Allow people to conduct and download their own 360 appraisal.
  6. Adapt the ‘look and feel’ for different parts of the company or different clients.
  7. Simply run a quick one-off feedback appraisal using all the ‘Standard’ settings.

reactive 360 - Designing your Company Template

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